A dance video and Reem Al-Najm swaying … Today’s social scandal


The world of art is full of surprises, and today the hashtag Reem Al-Najm blocked the Twitter platform after she posted a video of her presenting a very exciting dance link, which angered her followers from all over the Arab Gulf and there were many comments that were not positive at all and criticized her on a large scale, especially as she was Targeted to arouse men’s instinct.

Which prompted thousands of tweeters about the reason behind performing this dance, is it in order to be famous or to compete with her competitor in the field “Hind Al-Qahtani” or to increase the number of her followers on social networking sites, most notably the application of “Snapchat”, the most famous in the Gulf countries.

Reem Al-Najm is a dance compass that stirs up feelings

Today, a well-known art website published a video clip showing Reem Al-Najm performing a dance link in the manner of Hind Al-QahtaniShe was wearing a very short blue dress and was attached to her body to reveal his features in detail, and she was swaying seductively to the sound of one of the well-known songs.

The most prominent comments on the video were from the journalist who wrote the news, who commented, “I am Mani Hind Al-Qahtani,” and it is one of the most famous sentences that she says through her videos. Fit from them and that this matter has become very prevalent.

The first response from Reem to this clip came through a comment on Snapchat saying, “Snapchat,” in which she said: “Oh God, hide my awrah and secure my splendor. Oh God, protect me from between my hands and from behind me, on my right and on my left, and from above me and I seek refuge in your greatness to assassinate those Under me, God, you know my secret and my openness and what came down to me, there is no strength or power except through you.


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