A deputy asks to delete “Islamic law” from the list of “sheikhs”


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Representative Mahmoud Hussein caused a wave of objections during the discussion of the Senate statute, during the discussion of Article 47 regarding submitting proposals for draft laws, as the article stipulated that the member submits a proposal that conforms to the principles of the Egyptian constitution and the principles of Islamic law.

MP Mahmoud Hussein submitted a request to exclude the word “Islamic law” from the article, and said that submitting a proposal for a law that concerns Copts, how would it be compatible with Islamic law.

MP Faraj Al-Dury responded with a warning and said: “I fear that if the word Islamic Sharia is deleted, it will have an unwanted reaction.”

Counselor Abdel-Wahab Abdel-Razek, Speaker of the Senate, said that the presence of the word “Islamic law” achieves the controls of amending laws in line with the principles of Sharia, as it is one of the principles of the constitution, so that the proposal comes out in accordance with the Sharia and the constitution.

The plenary session ended with the rejection of the deputy’s proposal, and the approval of the text as stated by the committee preparing the list.

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