A medical test for Hazem in front of today to ensure his participation in front of Al-Ahly tomorrow


Hazem Imam, the right-back of the Zamalek team, is subjected to a medical test at the training session today, to ensure that he can join tomorrow’s match against Al-Ahly in the African Champions League final, which will be held tomorrow at Cairo Stadium, in light of the team’s need to be on the match list at least in the absence of a right-back In Zamalek, unlike Hazem Imam and Ahmed Eid, Hazem Imam suffers from a strain in the front muscle, unlike his recent recovery from infection with the Corona virus.

In a different context, the Portuguese coach Jaime Pacheco, the coach of the Zamalek team, puts great hopes on 3 players within the team to win the African Champions League title, where the Portuguese developed a plan to confront Al-Ahly, relying on the trio, Mohammed Abu Jabal in the goalkeeping, and Tunisian Ferjani Sassi, the midfielder and Moroccan Ashraf Bin Sharqi, an attacking wing the team.

Muhammad Abu Jabal, who passed all the tests he fought with the team in the League and African Champions League, as well as his success in leading the team to win the local Super Championships in front of Al-Ahly and the African Super in front of the Tunisian Esperance to become one of the main forces of the team and its important weapons in Friday’s battle.

Pacheco gave instructions to Abu Jabal that he should give instructions to the defenders and talk with them throughout the match to ensure that one of the defending players is not released, and he also asked him to calm and control his colleagues in cases of tension or pressure according to the course of the match..

While Pacheco holds great hopes on Tunisian Ferjani Sassi to lead the counterattacks of the Zamalek team by mastering the transfer of the ball quickly from defense to attack, while making use of his offensive skills and defensive capabilities to be one of the keys to Pachecos plan in the summit match.

As for Ashraf bin Sharqi, the Joker player will be inside the stadium by transferring him in the positions of the wing and attacking midfield throughout the events of the match in order to disrupt the Al-Ahly defense and ensure that he does not fall under the close supervision expected by Al-Ahly’s defenders to limit his danger.


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