A mental health specialist provides advice to rehabilitate the child during the Corona period


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In light of the Corona crisis, there are several ways to rehabilitate the child during the Corona wave to reduce its negative impact on children and home quarantine and provide them clearly without arousing fear in them, each according to his age group.

Dr. Rehab Abu-Ghazaleh, a mental health specialist, says that it is necessary to organize the child’s hours during the day between sleeping, eating, studying and playing games, and that the child has the right to know and learn the characteristics of the virus and its method of spread and the preventive steps that must be adhered to during the period of the outbreak of the epidemic in simple ways so as not to cause me panic children.

Rehab also made it clear that we should not think that children may not understand them, as they possess supernatural abilities to understand us well and we need to spend more time with them to understand them and create dialogues with them, and books can be read with them and participate in playing, for example through visual and printed means in order to present The necessary information about the Corona virus for children, and the need for children to remain at home while continuing to practice their activities routinely, not to expose children to the state of terror and anxiety resulting from the Corona epidemic, and families must assume their responsibility towards securing the mental health of children during the quarantine period.

Abu-Ghazaleh indicated that the parents should know that they will face a barrage of questions, and it is necessary to answer these questions and provide the children with the necessary information about the virus in different ways according to their age groups and as much as they need, and that the information provided to the children must be sufficient according to their need, concise, specific and understandable. As if parents tell children that the virus is a disease that cannot harm us as long as we eat healthily and take care of hygiene.

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