A new collaboration between Ibrahim Issa and Mando Al-Adl on the movie “Shikoku” … a picture


Director Mando Al-Adl revealed a new collaboration with writer Ibrahim Issa, in a new film called “Shukoku”, where he posted a picture on his Facebook account with “Easa” to announce the new cooperation, saying: “Soon, God willing, from the makers of the movie owner. Al-Maqam, Shukoku movie … O Karim, O Lord. “

Ibrahim Issa and Mando Al-Adl
Ibrahim Issa and Mando Al-Adl

The movie “Sahib Al Maqam”, starring Yusra, Aser Yassin, Amina Khalil, Bayoumi Fouad, Reham Abdel Ghafour, Nasreen Amin, Mahmoud Abdel Mughni and Engy Al Muqaddam written by Ibrahim Issa and directed by Mando Al Adl. Jim Over “with the participation of Mai Ezz El-Din, and it was shown in 2012.

The movie “Sahib Al Maqam” is Yousras return to the cinema after the screening of “Game Over” with Mai Ezz El Din, which was shown 7 years ago in the cinemas. She also apologized for her participation in the film “People of Shame” by Tamer Habib and the star Menna Shalaby, after several modifications. In the scenario, the film was postponed due to the many apologies he had been offered.


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