A platonic love between Flux and his wife on the air .. Amr El-Leithy: You don’t miss her braids


The wife of the artist, Ahmed Flux, talked about her feelings after the divorce of Flux, saying: “She was unhappy, but I wish him happiness, and I know Ahmed well and he is good and his heart is white.”

Ahmed Flux said during his meeting with Amr Al-Laithi on his program “One of the People”, on Al-Hayat channel, that Rabia is my wife, all my life, and we started our life in two rooms next to a studio, and they were not furnished, and we started together and supported me a lot and left her country and came to live with me. ”

Flux’s wife said Ahmed did not hit her or speak inappropriately to her. Ahmed Flux thanked her, praising her for keeping the family and her son.

Rabia commented: “I hope that God will compensate us for everything that happened, and we will achieve our dreams together in the future. Ahmed has a lot to offer in his artistic life. He explained to Ahmed the impression and tears in his eyes.”

In conclusion, Amr Al-Laithi directed his speech to Ahmed Flux: “By God, you do not deserve her plait.”

“We had a lot of love and we were in a state of respect and love even after the separation, and I was keen to raise my son,” said Flux’s wife.

She added, “You have not seen another man after Ahmed Flux, despite having separated for 12 years and even after he was married twice.” And she continued, “I participated in building a family and preserved it, and my son did not know that we separated until he married Ahmed Flux from here.”


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