A “psychiatric patient” accused of killing his father and mother is placed in a health institution


01:51 AM

Thursday 05 November 2020

Qalyubia – Osama Alaa El Din:

Counselor Mohamed Fayed, head of the Al-Qanater Center Prosecutor, ordered the deposit of a “psychiatric patient”, and the accused of killing his father and mother in Bassous area of ​​Al-Qanater Center, a mental health institution, after receiving the accused’s psychiatry report, which showed that his mental strength was not sound, and he was not conscious.

The psychiatric report stated that the accused committed the crime while suffering from mental illness, and that the crime took place two days before its discovery, when a relative of the family went to check on them, smelling a foul smell and informing the police, the crime was discovered.

Brigadier General Muhammad Ghaith, the warden of Al-Qanater Al-Khayriya Center, had received a notification from the families that a psychiatric patient had stabbed his parents with a knife, and he could not control him. Major General Fakhr Al-Arabi, Director of Security, was notified of the transfer of a force led by Major Abdel-Rahman Al-Fahl, Deputy Commissioner of Al-Qanater.

The accused was under control, and it was found that he was 30 years old, unemployed, mentally ill, and that he had previously received treatment in a psychological center more than once, and on the day of the accident a quarrel broke out between him and his parents and he was in a bad psychological condition, and he started to shake and then grabbed a knife and stabbed His father, “MSA”, 72 years old, was pensioned to death, then he stabbed his mother, “A”, 61, a housewife, and breathed her last, and he grabbed the knife and kept running in the apartment, repeating incomprehensible words.

The accused was seized, and the knife used in the crime was seized, and taken to the center’s general office.

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