A return between Dawood, Basal, Rakha, and Abu Hendia in the first district of Damia


04:23 AM

Monday 09 November 2020

Damietta – Mohamed Ibrahim:
The judicial body overseeing the House of Representatives elections in Damietta First District has completed counting the votes, and announced a run-off between Diyaa Dawood, who won about 41,800 votes, Ayman Rakhah 21,000 votes, Diyaa Basal 19,000 votes, and Yasser Abu Hendeya with 14,000 votes .

The total number of those who voted in the parliamentary elections in Damietta governorate reached 269,686 votes, with an attendance rate of 25.80%, according to preliminary indications.
The first constituency achieved 108,403 votes, and the second 161283 votes, Damietta Center came in the highest centers with a total of 67,708 votes, Izbat Al-Burj 4475 votes, while Ras Al-Bar 2201 votes, Kafr Al-Battikh 26,308 votes, and New Damietta 7,711 votes.

In the second district, the total votes of Kafr Saad Center reached 59,921 votes, Mitt Abu Ghaleb 5,250 votes, Farscore 48,970 votes, and Al Rawda 11,195 votes
And Zarqa 31,900 votes, and Al-Sarw 4,047 votes.

These figures come according to the statistical number of committees, with confirmation that the National Elections Authority has the inherent right to announce the final results of the 2020 House of Representatives elections.

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