A scientific study: Corona is “more dangerous” in transmitting infection within 5 days of the onset of symptoms


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A new study confirmed that people infected with the Coronavirus are more dangerous to transmit infection during the first five days of developing symptoms of the disease.

The researchers said in the new expanded study, published by the “Lancet Microbe” magazine and reported by a number of European and American websites on Friday, that their findings stress the need to identify and isolate cases infected with Covid-19 early.

The study confirmed that understanding when patients are most likely to transmit infection has become a critical matter, and for public health measures to be taken to control the spread of the epidemic.
The lead researcher of the study, Dr. Mioog Civic, University of St Andrews, Scotland, said that this is the first in-depth review and analysis study comparing the viral load and its transmission compared to three coronaviruses that infect humans.

He added that it provides a clear explanation of why the Covid-19 virus is spreading more efficiently than the SARS-CoV and MERS-Co viruses, stressing that there is more difficulty in containing Covid-19.

She concluded that the results of the study are in line with the “tracking” studies, which indicate that most cases of viral infections occur very early, especially in the first five days of the onset of symptoms, which warns of the importance of self-isolation as soon as symptoms begin.

The review study is one of the most comprehensive studies, which included 98 studies, and it analyzed three viruses that infect humans and their viral load, to conclude that Covid 19 is more dangerous for infection among humans during the first five days of the onset of symptoms on an infected person.
While the genetic material for Covid 19 remains for several weeks in the respiratory system and stool samples, researchers have discovered that there is no live virus in any of the samples taken from patients nine days after infection.

The study indicated that the current guidelines followed in many countries of the world are self-isolation as soon as symptoms appear, which is also in line with the results of the study, according to the researchers.

Dr. Antonia Hu of the Glasgow Center for Virology confirmed that most of the studies included in the review were conducted on patients who had been hospitalized.

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