A Singaporean gives birth to a baby who carries anti-corona bodies


A woman from Singapore gave birth to a baby carrying antibodies to the emerging coronavirus that she contracted during her pregnancy in March, which provides new evidence regarding whether the virus can be transmitted from a pregnant mother to her fetus.

The baby was born this month and was not infected with Covid-19, but his body was carrying anti-virus bodies, the (Street Times) newspaper quoted today, Sunday, the mother Celine Ng-chan.
“My private doctor suspects that I passed the antibodies to Covid-19 to him during my pregnancy,” the mother told the newspaper.
The newspaper stated that the mother showed mild symptoms of the disease and was discharged from the hospital after two and a half weeks.
Neither the mother nor the National University Hospital responded immediately to a request for comment.
The World Health Organization says it is not yet known whether a pregnant mother infected with Covid-19 disease can transmit the virus that causes the disease to her fetus or infant during pregnancy or during childbirth.
So far, no trace of the active virus was found in samples taken from the fluids surrounding the fetus in its mother’s womb or in breast milk.

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