A terrorist attack targeting a petroleum products station in Jeddah


According to the Saudi Press Agency, “SPA”, the attack took place at 53:00 on Monday morning.

And the source reported that the firefighting teams were able to extinguish The fireAnd that, as a result of this attack, there were no injuries or loss of life, and that Saudi Aramcos supply of fuel to its customers was not affected.

The source confirmed that The kingdom Strongly condemns this cowardly attack, and affirms that these acts of terrorism and sabotage, which are committed against vital installations, including what happened recently in Jizan near the floating unloading platform of the petroleum products distribution station.

The source referred to a previous terrorist attack on oil installations in Abqaiq Khurais, saying that it targets the security and stability of energy supplies to the world, as well as the global economy.

The source reiterated the Kingdom’s affirmation of the importance of confronting such sabotage and terrorist acts and the parties behind them.

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