A “whale tail” protects a train from a disaster in the Netherlands


The train escaped the danger of settling in the waters ten meters below, and much of the Cart The foreground hangs in the air supported only by the huge anthropomorphic whale tail.

The driver of the train, which was not being transported, was injured Passengers, Was injured in the accident, which occurred shortly after midnight in Spikenice, near the Dutch port city of Rotterdam.

In a remarkable coincidence, the art model that protected the train from destruction bears the title “Saved by the Whale’s Tail”.

“This is a strange scenario,” Carly Gorter of the Renmond Regional Safety Authority told Agence France-Presse. “The metro went off the tracks and fell into a model called ‘Save by the Whale Tail’ (saved by the whale’s tail). And it literally happened. The driver really, it’s unbelievable. “

The authority stated that the driver was questioned at a later time. An investigation is still underway to determine the cause of the accident.

The stunned residents went out in large numbers to see the strange scene, prompting local authorities to call for them to stay away and adhere to distancing measures to prevent Corona Virus Novelty.

A team of emergency services and experts, including the architect who created the model, is currently working on the site to find a way to safely pull the train.

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