Abdullah Jumaa explains the reason for publishing a “story” that is offensive to El-Shenawi … and deletes it


12:17 AM

Saturday 07 November 2020

Books – Abdel Qader Saeed:

Abdullah Jumaa, the Zamalek player, explained the reason for publishing on the social networking site Instagram a post that was offensive to Al-Ahly goalkeeper Mohamed El-Shenawy.

Abdullah Jumaa confirmed that he respected the Al-Ahly club and its fans, denying his intention to offend anyone, after an attack by Al-Ahly club fans on his accounts following the insulting publication of El-Shenawi.

Jumaa explained the reason for the offending post appearing through his official account, indicating that he shared it without reading the words below, stressing that upon seeing it, he deleted the post.

No description available.

Jumaa had republished the “Story” via Instagram for Al-Ahly goalkeeper Mohamed Al-Shennawi in the summit match in the latest Abu Dhabi Super Cup, with an offensive comment, before it was deleted.

Abdullah Jumaa is preparing to lead the left front for Zamalek in the Africa Summit against Al-Ahly in the African Champions League final on the 27th of this month.


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