After crowning the African Championship … Ahmed Schubert announces the departure of a new player from Al-Ahly


Journalist Ahmed Schubert confirmed that Alahli football club Today, the first foreign players leaving the first football team will be announced during the current summer Mercato.

Schubert wrote on his official Twitter page, saying: Al-Ahly Today the first departed foreign players are announced. “

And Al-Ahly succeeded in crowning the title African Champions League After his victory over Zamalek with two goals to one in the match that was held between them at Cairo Stadium.

On the other hand, he was careful Hossam Ashour Former football star of Al-Ahly Club, to celebrate the coronation of the Red Genie in the CAF Champions League title after his victory over Zamalek.

Hossam Ashour wrote on his official page on the social networking site Facebook, “Congratulations to Al-Ahly’s men and the great Al-Ahly fans, tournament No. 9 and sixth in my history.”

And it was a great state of anger and sadness that imposed itself on Hossam Ashour after the Al-Ahly club decided to dispense with him based on the desire of the former Swiss coach Rene Fyler, the former technical director of the team. Ashour to Al Ittihad of Alexandria during the current summer Mercato.

In the same context, Al-Ahly star Amr Al-Soulia said that his team’s match against Zamalek in the African Champions League final had occupied his mind since the Wydad match and all the players in Al-Ahly club, stressing that this is normal because it is the final match.

He continued: “We did not know we slept from a lot of thinking and pressure on us before the match .. I was thinking about all the details of the match and I would answer a goal and I used to imagine that I was in John’s pocket and celebrated.”

And revealed “Al Sulayyah” In a telephone interview via the “last word” program “Which is presented by the journalist Mays Al-Hadidi on a screen ONOn the sidelines of a meeting with the player Mohamed Majdi Afsha with Lamis Al-Hadidi that his goal came with success and generosity from God, confirming that his early goal gave them all a kind of reassurance.

He stressed that the whole match was difficult and not specific moments, as Al-Ahly club was playing a big competitor such as Zamalek He said: “This is fatigue, not one year of years of fatigue, in order to achieve the championship
And all the moments of the match were difficult from the first
Goal over to equalize And then the end … But by saying thank God we were men. “


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