After he was accused of normalization, Muhammad Ramadan replies with a new video: “What is meant is


12:23 PM

Sunday 22 November 2020

Books – Mustafa Hamzah:
Artist Muhammad Ramadan reiterated his assertion that the nationalities of those filming with them were not known, in reference to the controversy surrounding the images that were circulated and gathered with celebrities from Israel, including the singer Omir Adam.
Ramadan posted a video on his Facebook page, a video he collected with a Palestinian youth at the party that took place in Dubai, and wrote: “I don’t ask about the country that he imagines unless he is alone.” He said he had a video at the same time and the same place with a Palestinian youth !! !
He continued: Some ignoring this video confirms that the intention is not the Palestinian cause, but their true cause is the 1000th attempt to stop my success and popularity, directing the audience to boycott me and no benefit, trust in God is always success.
Yesterday, Saturday, the artist Muhammad Ramadan was attacked on the communication sites, after the successive appearance of the pictures that he collected with Israeli celebrities at the concert that was held in Dubai, including the singer Omir Adam,
The head of the acting professions, Ashraf Zaki, announced his intention to investigate Ramadan and issue a statement regarding the incident.


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