After the news of the link, the lens of Sada Al-Balad monitors the first appearance of Hala Shiha and Moez Masoud, especially


The lens of “Sada Al Balad” monitored the debut of Hala Shiha andMoez Masoud, In a cafe, after news of their association that was raised during the last period.
Moez MasoudHe is an Egyptian Islamic preacher and radio and television presenter on the Islamic religion through his legal and behavioral perspective, He is 42 years old, was born in 1978 on February 27, and joined the University of Cambridge in Cairo from 1997 to 2000.

He married three times in 2003, the first was a friend of his from the American University called Sarah, and the second was a tourist guide, Sint Noureddine, and she was in 2017, and the relationship between them lasted for only 6 months, then a separation occurred, and he married a few days later, Sherry Adel, to be his third and first marriage For the artist Sherry Adel.

Hala Shiha’s latest work was the series “Betrayal of Ahed” written by Ahmed Sultan, directed by Sameh Abdel Aziz, produced by Al Adl Group, and starring Yusra, Bayoumi Fouad, Jumana Murad, Khaled Sarhan, Salwa Othman, Abeer Sabry, Khaled Anwar, Hanadi Muhanna.


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