Ahmed Al-Fishawi’s wife about the Yasmine Sabry bag crisis: El-Sitt McFaritch


Nadia Al-Kamel, wife of the artist Ahmed Al-Fishawi, commented on the criticism that the artist Yasmine Sabry was subjected to because of the publication of a picture of the Yasmine bag, which costs 300 thousand pounds, and they placed that photo next to a picture of a poor woman in the street, who was known as the Lady of the Rain.

Nadia Al-Kamel comments on the criticism that Yasmine Sabry was subjected to because of the bag:

Nadia Al-Kamel also expressed her admiration for Yasmine’s position in taking care of the situation of need, Nemat, as she commented on this crisis and said that I know Yasmine Sabri personally, but his stump and her humanity is beautiful.

Yasmine, an Egyptian girl, added a stump like most of the Egyptian women and girls. We are not the Egyptian women. We are the jadana and the sweetness of God blesses and honors her.

And also why do they put a picture of the lady in the rain beside her? Why do they land this side? Why is it Yasmine Talaat? Bag, O group, six McFarch, it is a joy in her life.

On the other hand, the artist, Yasmine Sabry, announced that she took care of the case of need, Naamat, who is known in the media as the Lady of the Rain, and this came after the pictures of that lady were circulated during the past hours, and this came during her presence in the street in the rain to sell thermos.


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