Ahmed Beckham was infected with the Corona virus hours after his move to Al-Ahly


Ahmed Ramadan Beckham, the new Al-Ahly player, was infected with the Corona virus after he underwent a medical examination during the past hours, and he tested positive for the virus that has officially infected five Al-Ahly players so far, who are electrified, Walid Suleiman, Saleh Juma, Muhammad Sharif and Ahmed Yasser Rayan, and Beckham’s infection comes hours after announcing his transfer For Al-Ahly for five seasons from the Tigris.

Earlier, Ahmed Ramadan Beckham, the latest summer deals for Al-Ahly Club, expressed his happiness to return to the Red House from the Tigris Valley, stressing that playing in the ranks of Al-Ahly again is a great honor, and he said: “Al-Ahly is my home, and his love has been in my blood since the beginning of my journey with The Round Witch was eight years old, and when she left the Red Fort two seasons ago, my dream was to return again, and thank God this dream came true. ”

Beckham added in statements to the official website of Al-Ahly: “I fought to return to Al-Ahly, things were not easy as some expected, so the return was a dream and I fought a lot to achieve it, because returning to the walls of Al-Ahly was not only my dream, but it was the dream of my entire family.” And he continued, saying: “When I first left Al-Ahly two seasons ago, it was on loan, as I was trying hard to prove myself in order to return to the Red Castle, especially since the departure was in search of an opportunity to participate only, but the matter was completely different after Wadi Tigris Bashraei, where the goal shifted from merely participating in matches to fighting on the field in order to return to Al-Ahly Club of the Century.

He explained: “I was trying to return and book a place in the ranks of Al-Ahly and prove my worth by wearing his shirt again, and I see that I succeeded in that now after my decision to return, which I worked very hard to reach.” And he continued: “I worked on myself a lot, and I made a great effort throughout my journey with my team. The border guards and the Tigris Valley, in order to return to Al-Ahly, whoever loves the entity will find it very difficult to move away from its walls.

He added: “I had many local offers, in addition to the desire of the Tigris Valley to continue me, but Al-Ahly is above anything.” Ahmed Ramadan Beckham went on to talk about the details of the negotiations for his return to the Red Fort, confirming that things started about ten months ago, specifically during a period Past winter transfers. Pointing out that he received a phone call from Amir Tawfiq, director of contracts at Al-Ahly, who talked to him about returning to the Red Fort, and at that time the Al-Ahly list had one vacant seat and at that time the contract was with Senegalese Aliou Badji, and then he received a call from a prince informing him of his approaching return With the end of the year, which has already happened.

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