Ahmed Flux: The movie with El-Sobky, Percy, on 20 and 30 thousand pounds, is a good man


The star Ahmed Flux said that Ahmed El Sobky, the producer, is a good man, and I love him very much, but his agreements are not good.

Flux added during an interview with the journalist Amr El-Leithy on his program, one of the people broadcast on Al-Hayat channel, that he is against the idea of ​​absolute heroism and the best evidence for this movie is the corridor. For his fans.

Flux had indicated that there was no enmity between me and Muhammad Ramadan, and the origin of the matter was that they asked me about “We are the students.” They said to me, you were a star on him and I did not say that at all.

And Flux continued during his stay as a guest on the program that I do not think that I will join me with artistic work with Muhammad Ramadan, because I must take my right and put me in a distinguished role in the artistic work that I participate in because I am very tired in my life and if I do not take my right I will work on other things and then produce films and work for others What I couldn’t do.

Flux explained that Muhammad Ramadan when he met my father, at the funeral of the artist Mahmoud Yassin, before his head, while I was a child.

Flux added, “There is no number 1” in the world of art, whether in cinema or television, there are good works and bad works, and Muhammad Ramadan because I fight a lot and get tired so he means to tell people I am after tiredness and struggle.

Ahmed Flux said, I respect the artist here very Shiha and I will continue to wish her all happiness and she has a great place in my heart until I die, and she is a beautiful person, and I will not allow anyone to talk about her in an inappropriate way.


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