Ahmed Magdy celebrates the engagement of his younger sister


Artist Ahmed Magdy celebrated the engagement of his younger sister Rasha, as his father, the great director Magdi Ahmed Ali, posted on his official Facebook account, a family photo taken by his son, artist Ahmed Magdy, from the engagement.

The engagement was held at the family’s home and was restricted to the presence of close relatives and friends only.

It is worth noting that director Magdy Ahmed Ali is working on a new film project entitled “2 Talaat Harb”, starring Hussein Fahmy, Samir Sabry, Dalal Abdel Aziz, Ahmed Wafiq, Yasmine Al Khatib, Mahmoud Kabil, Abeer Sabry, Sherry Adel, Menna Fadali and Ahmed Magdy. , It is written by Hanzada Fikry.

It is noteworthy that the artist Ahmed Magdy is currently showing him the second part of the series “Miss Farah”, which is starring the artist Rania Youssef, with the participation of Asma Abu Al-Yazid, Tamer Farag and Arifa Abdel Rasoul.

Ahmed Magdy had run the last Ramadan drama race in the series “A Thaniyah Chance” with the superstar Yasmine Sabry, Heba Magdy and Aiten Amer.


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