Ahmed Moussa to Mortada Mansour: “We refer to the fund … and you must take the matter in a sporting spirit” (video)


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Journalist Ahmed Moussa said that there are differences between the numerical survey and the final result in the election results.

He added on his program, Sunday evening: “Everyone must take the matter with the sporting spirit,” referring to the progress of the candidates Ahmed Al-Alfi and Badawi Abdel Latif in Mit Ghamr.

He continued: “If Mortada Mansour loses, he must take the matter in a sporting spirit. We all refer to the fund. The loser will run again, we heat up, and after 5 years we learn from mistakes. ”

The head of the Kafr Awad Matar Committee of the Mit Ghamr district announced the first result after the count, as Ahmed Ibrahim Al-Alfi submitted 427 votes and Badawi Abdel Latif with 429 votes, followed by Amir Abdul Badi with 70 votes and Osama Radi with 67 votes, while Chancellor Mortada Mansour retracted and got only 31 votes.

It is noteworthy that the Mit Ghamr district has 35 candidates vying for only two seats in Parliament.

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