Al-Ahly announces the initial diagnosis of Walid Suleiman’s injury in front of Abu Qir Fertilizers


Khaled Mahmoud, the doctor of the first football team revealed With my family, On the case of Walid Suleiman after his complaint of injury and his exit from today’s match against Abu Qir Fertilizers in the Egyptian Cup competitions.

Al-Ahly defeated Abu Qir Fertilizers with two goals to one, in the match that was held between them in the 8th round of the Egypt Cup, and Al-Ahly’s two goals were scored by Walid Suleiman in the 15th and 26th minutes of the first half.

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Khaled Mahmoud said that Walid Suleiman complained of a strain in the connective muscle after the Abu Qir fertilizer match, which was held at Al-Jaish Stadium in Burj Al Arab, within the Egyptian Cup competitions.

He added that the player will undergo a medical examination tomorrow in order to check on his condition, explaining that Walid’s condition is stable and that he will be reassured before tomorrow.

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