Al-Ahly coach reveals Fyler’s message after winning the CAF Champions League


Michel Yancon revealed the goalkeeper coach Ahly About the message sent by Swiss coach Rene Weiler, former coach of the football team at the Red Castle, after winning over Zamalek and winning the CAF Champions League title.

Al-Ahly beat Zamalek with two goals to one, in the match that took place yesterday on the grounds of Cairo Stadium.

“We haven’t won the championship for 7 years, but I have confidence in this club and this team, and I know that we will continue to win,” said Michel Yancon during an interview on “Ontime Sport”.

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Yankon, the current Al-Ahly Guards coach, was a member of the former coaching staff under Fyler, but he did not leave and continued with South Africas Pitso Musimane.

He concluded, “Filer contacted me and sent a message of congratulations on winning the African Champions League.”


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