Al-Ahly defeats Zamalek on the screen too!


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The most famous song we chanted about the ball, “Between Al-Ahly and Zamalek, is confused by God” for Sabah. We definitely have other, lesser-known songs, such as “Fei John” Lamha Sabry, but Sabah, the most popular one, was presented with the beginning of the television broadcast, where television, specifically Captain Mohamed Latif, lightly played a pivotal role. In the overwhelming mass of the ball, the song was written by the poet Hussein Al-Sayed, who fitting for us to call him writes in everything with the same creativity, from needle to missile, about the ball, love, homeland, faith in God, and believing him in everything he writes.

People usually look for the artist’s football identity and most of them have reservations, unless they have a declared past to play in one of the clubs, such as Nour al-Sharif and Hani Shaker were in the Cubs team in Zamalek, but for example Umm Kulthum was conservative in al-Bouh and I do not think she has football interests.

They tried, for example, to analyze a passage in Sabah’s song (composed by Ahly Zamalek’s melody), so they said that it is conclusive evidence that Hussein Al-Sayed Ahlawy and Abdel-Wahab Zamalekawi, and I previously asked the great poet about the truth of that poetic part in the song, and he said to me “Absolutely and I do not basically have football tendencies.” While Abdel-Wahab cannot waste his energy in anything outside of art, he always says, “Artist first, then artistic second, then artistic third, and there is no room for anything else but the fourth of my family.” Not to mention his poor eyesight and we all remember his thick glasses that prevent his ability to Follow the ball televised.

When they asked Sabah about her football identity, she said, “I am Ahlawiya when Al-Ahly plays Zamalek, but when Al-Zamalek plays any team other than Al-Ahly, I encourage Zamalek.” Of course, the answer shocked the Zamalek fans despite all the attempts (Al-Shahroury) to ease the burden on them.

Egyptian cinema is more sided with Al-Ahly because its fans are bigger in the street, and that is why you find that football players are not good at the art of acting except that because of their overwhelming popularity in the stadiums, the most famous of them, of course, is Maestro Saleh Selim. He played the championship of seven films at its summit (The Black Candles) and also Adel Heikal in ( A spread of love), and there were many Ahlawi names such as Taher Al Sheikh and Sherif Abdel Moneim, and of course Ikrami is the most professional football player and has a long history of comedy films, while Zamalek because it is less popular and the attempts in this field are very shy, such as Kan or Issam Bahij and did not result in any success The popularity of the soccer star is Al-Faisal, and certainly the club is more popular. Film production companies feel more reassured.

Mahmoud Al-Khatib’s historically unprecedented stardom prompted filmmakers to obtain his approval for the movie starring and he often apologized. By the way, he was the second candidate to play the role of (Shehata Abu Kaf), the soccer player in the movie (Gharib in My House), and when he apologized, they assigned the role to Nour al-Sharif, and he was the first candidate. Adel Emam.

The majority tend not to disclose the football identity in the hope of gaining a larger segment of the public, perhaps Farid Al-Atrash is an exceptional case in his declared (Zamalekkawy), and this is what prompted Abdel Halim to announce his eligibility in order to ensure that the largest segment of Egyptians will side with him !!.

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