Al-Ahly Leela Koura: We have not considered joining Bassam, nor will we contract with guards


Amir Tawfiq, director of contracts at Al-Ahly club, confirmed that his team had not considered hiring Mohamed Bassam, the goalkeeper of Talaia Al-Jaish during the current period.

Tawfiq indicated in exclusive statements, Laila Koura, that Al-Ahly club does not intend to sign goalkeepers during the current period at all.

Tawfiq said: “We did not consider the inclusion of Mohamed Bassam, and there has been no contact with him from our side. Al-Ahly does not intend to sign a goalkeeper now.”

He concluded: “There is no thinking about modifying Al-Ahly’s guards now. Bassam is a distinguished and very good goalkeeper, but with our respect for him, there is no intention to negotiate about him now.”

It is worth noting that Muhammad Bassam had previously stated on television that there was an interest on the part of Al-Ahly to include him, by talking to his club officials, which was denied by Amir Tawfiq.


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