Al-Ahly: Taher Muhammad Taher is undergoing rehabilitation for 10 days


Sayed Abdel Hafeez, director of football at Al-Ahly club, revealed that Taher Mohamed Taher, the team’s player, had implemented a qualification program to recover from the injury he sustained in training the Egyptian national team.

Al-Ahly football director stated that Taher Muhammad Taher is organizing team training for the team within ten days from now at most..

He explained that the medical device has set up a treatment and rehabilitation program for the player to recover from the anterior muscle injury and he will be prepared normally during that period.

Taher Mohamed Taher began his career with Al-Ahly on Saturday and held a private session with Musimani, the team’s technical director, as he talked about his wishes with Al-Ahly and achieving victories.


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