Al-Masry Light / the author of the clip “Choosing a bride for her son from a wedding”: “I got up and found myself famous.”


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The pioneers of social networking sites in Egypt shared a funny clip of a woman called “Ahlam”, while she was at one of the weddings, and she was trying to select for her son a girl to marry, from among the attendees of the Quran ceremony.

And it appeared in the rolling clip, that the mother nominated a number of girls for her son through eye gaze and a hand gesture, but he repeatedly refused these nominations, until one of them was chosen, so that the mother entered into a state of overwhelming happiness, clapped warmly, and swayed with the tones of the song that was Reverberate in the hall.

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The circulating clip showed, “Ahlam” negotiated with the girl who nominated her for her son, as she pointed to the place where he is, saying: “Whoever is there, Amr, my son and the last of the cluster, but the valley of Gad Ooi”, before “Ahlam” looks at her son and points to the girl , Saying: “It is sweet, and its eggs, and its looks are sweet.”

“Ahlam” recounted the details of the incident, while hosting the “Your Sabah Masri” program, broadcast on MBC Egypt, this morning, saying: “I am taking Amr with many joys in her spirit in the hope that he meets his partner so that I can assure myself of him. He used to photograph me so that I could tell him that I would have joys again, and I didn’t know that he was ever filming me. ”

And she continued: “I have found many girls who are very sweet, but all I consult with him says no, until I did not meet the sweet, halal girl whom I saw and consulted with him and asked him to think about what he said, perfect salvation.

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Then I moved the wheel of the conversation to “Amr,” the hero of the incident, to narrate the scenes of the filming of the rolling clip, saying: “My mother imposed on me to sit in his own house alone. And there was a discussion between us that all people saw in the video.

During the meeting, Ahlam revealed some of the advantages of Amr that the carefully selected bride would personally enjoy, saying: “I just wanted to speak on the air so that his bride would still know him. Never, but it is fun, by God. ”

“Ahlam” finished her speech: “When we returned home, Amr told me that I photographed everything that you did, and I wanted to post it on Facebook. I told him I walked and slept. I got up. I got famous.”

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