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It is no longer strange to witness in the United States unless it was previously foreseen, because something will intervene to make the unreasonable plausible or simply reality. We all know that President Trump may not make a peaceful exit from the White House, and Michael Cohen, his personal attorney for more than ten years, told us in a “traitor’s diary” that he would not leave the White House quietly. The foreign affairs writer for the New York Times added. “Thomas Friedman”, as he covered the Lebanese Civil War as a young man, feared that he might cover the American Civil War in his old age. “Kim Ghattas” followed the same tunes when she wrote in the “Atlantic” newspaper: “The future of America may be Lebanon.” In any case, there is no need to rush, and to judge things that may be mixed in our eyes that Trump’s position, unlike everything we see from the celebration of Biden’s victory, indicates that there is some unseen flaw in the matter, and that he is indeed able to stop Biden’s wheel and his arrival at the White House. To exercise his powers. The issue seems like a tale of some kind of myth. Perhaps the fate of the entire American state depends on what Mrs. “Emily W. Murphy”, working in the Public Services Office at the White House appointed by Trump, does, and her job is to carry out a mission called “verification”, and this is the closest Arabic word. For the name in English, which is Ascertainment, and it is a word that I have never been able to know before because it actually means verifying that President Biden has succeeded in the US elections. The story after the transition from this lady will afflict the Egyptian bureaucracy with a great deal of anger as a result of the American supremacy in making a simple issue an impossible matter, which represents a historical Egyptian monopoly in complicating uncomplicated matters.

Let’s take the matter step by step. The lady must verify that Biden won, and she will not do so because the latter must obtain a certificate from the states in which he succeeded that he has succeeded, and if she gets it, and is confirmed, she begins a series of transfer procedures, including the provision of funds equal to Millions of dollars for the president-elect staff to use when communicating with the president who lost the election. Historically, the issue was easy. After the media announced the result, these measures take place immediately. This time, this did not happen because the US attorney general – who is the objective counterpart to the attorney general in other countries – “William Barr” (the Republican appointed by Trump) issued federal orders to public prosecutors in different states not to grant a certificate of success as long as there are legal objections to the outcome. It no longer matters what the traditions have made, that as long as the winner in the elections wins with more votes than the votes formed by the protest or the communication, this does not change the outcome in anything. However, the official certificates have become invalidated by legal interference, which can only be lifted through the cessation of the cause, i.e. the court ruling that the alleged violations have ceased to exist, or perhaps – as it is said – that matters are in matters, and therefore are referred to the Supreme Constitutional Court in order to rule on their matter. .

“Trump” has not done more during the past days since the election results emerged than playing golf and launching tweets designed that the elections are fake, and the results were stolen, and confirming that he is the man who caused the production of the first vaccine to confront Corona, which is the matter directed at an audience that started To take to the streets to demonstrate in front of the courts that rule in the electoral dispute. To emphasize that he is still the head of state, he achieved his revenge on his defense minister, Mark Esper, who refused the US army’s descent to quell the demonstrations in the “American Spring”, which followed the killing of the martyr “George Floyd”, an African American, whose supporters are from the group “ Black lives matter. ” Members of the Republican Party in Congress, the majority of whom went with Trump, insisted on the necessity of examining “legitimate” ballots, whose legitimacy differed. The minority, including President George W. Bush, went to Biden’s congratulations. Are we on the threshold of a major American sedition, or is it a whirlwind in a cup, and on December 14, the Electoral College will meet and Biden will become official president, and Mrs. Murphy does what she must do, or is Trump going to start a political confrontation to enter the 2024 elections? Too early?

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