Amir Tawfiq reveals to “heroism” a Musimani reaction after hiring Badr Bannon


Amir Tawfiq revealed the club’s contracting committee manager Ahly, Unveiled the reaction of Pitso Musimani, coach of the first football team, after hiring Moroccan defender Badr Bannon, noting that the contracts were signed long ago.

Al-Ahly had announced a short while ago an official contract with Badr Banoune, coming from Moroccos hope for a period of 4 years.

Urgent and official .. Al-Ahly announces a contract with Badr Bannon for 4 seasons

Amir Tawfiq said in exclusive statements to “Batalat” that the contract with Badr Bannon came after a careful follow-up of the international defender.

He added, “The player signed his transfer contracts to Al-Ahly a long time ago, but we refused to announce the deal until the club received the international card for the player.”

He concluded: “The coach of the team, Pitso Mosimane, showed great happiness with the player, praised the deal and confirmed that it would be an addition to the team.”

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