Among them are Bayoumi Fouad and Hanan Mutawa .. “Sharm al-Sheikh Theater” honors these artists


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A list of stars included in the honors of the fifth session of the Sharm El-Sheikh International Festival for Youth Theater, headed by director Mazen Al-Gharabawi, which starts on the 16th of this month.

– An archive photo

The names included the artist Hanan Mutawa, with the Shield Award for the Youth Festival, as well as the artist Bayoumi Fouad Badra Samiha Ayoub appreciative, the Lebanese Qassem Istanbouli, for the best young Arab theater character for the year 2019, as well as the director Islam Imam, for the best young Egyptian theater character for 2019.

The fifth session of the Sharm el-Sheikh International Festival for Youth Theater bears the name of the late artist Sanaa Jamil, and the Supreme Committee consisted of the great artist Mohamed Sobhi “Chairman”, the lady of the Arab theater artist Samiha Ayoub “the honorary president of the festival”, the artist and director Mazen al-Gharabawi “the president of the festival”, Dr. Engi Al-Bastawi, “the festival’s director,” the artist Tarek Sabry, “the festival’s executive director.”

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