Amr Diab’s daughter arouses curiosity by appearing with a young man, romantic and a bold move


Kenzi Diab, daughter of Egyptian artist Amr Diab, celebrated her 21st birthday in the presence of a number of her friends. For this occasion, I posted photos that I collected and these. The most interesting things were two pictures that she and a young man had collected, and one of them appeared to be standing next to him in a romantic way. In the second at noon, they were standing in a street, while the young man made a scratchy signal of modesty.

This brought about a wave of positive and negative comments, as some observers spoke about the spontaneity and beauty of the young woman, while others criticized her and considered that she transcends borders..

Commenting on the photos, Kenzi wrote: “Celebration”, with more than 16,000 likes. It is noteworthy that she and her sister Jana were subjected to a lot of criticism in the previous time because of a picture published by their half-sister Nour, in which she appeared in full elegance..


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