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The picture circulated by the artist Mohamed Ramadan, accompanied by a number of Israeli stars at a special ceremony in Dubai, sparked widespread reactions by his colleagues from famous art and media, the last of whom was the artist Amr Mostafa.

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Amr Mostafa wrote on his unofficial page on which he discusses his political views, attacking the artist Mohamed Ramadan that the large numbers obtained by Muhammad Ramadan’s works on social media sites and his possession of a private plane were a price for normalization with Israel and said, “The big numbers on YouTube, Facebook, the month, the airplanes and the media have a price and the price is paid. Picture “.

He added, “Kart’s salvation is burned … the voice of falsehood is always loud, but the voice of truth always wins.”

Amr Mostafa Post

Amr Mostafa was not the first artist to criticize Ramadan’s position, as other artists preceded him, including Muhammad Adawiya and Muhammad Ali Rizk.

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He was an Emirati journalist and activist Hamad Al Mazrouei He posted a photo of him with Ramadan and an Israeli singer, (See photo)The Israeli Arabic-speaking pages were very well received, such as the page of Avichai Adrai, the Israeli army spokesman, for Arab media. (See his comment)

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It is reported that Amir Adam is an Israeli singer who was a soldier in the Israeli army. (get to know him)

And after the spread of the image, Ramadan posted a video from Dubai, through his Instagram account, and a writer commented on it: “I don’t care about your name, your color, or your birth. I care about a person even if I don’t have a title.” This is what the followers considered as the first response to his appearance with Adam, but it was soon to be Delete the video minutes after publishing it. (Watch it)

On the other hand, communicated with Captain Ashraf Zaki, who said: “I am trying to communicate with Muhammad Ramadan to understand the circumstances of the matter, and after that we will issue an explanatory statement.” (the details)

Zaki said in a telephone interview with the journalist Ahmed Moussa, on the program “On My Responsibility” on the Sada Al-Balad channel, that he contacted Ramadan by phone, and he told him a text: “I swear by God I know who is, I was in an Arab country and took this picture,” adding: “Ramadan He told me that he did not know that the person who took the photo with him was an Israeli … and I do not think that the intelligence of Muhammad Ramadan will betray him, Muhammad is not stupid because he is photographed with an Israeli, “indicating that he will officially summon Ramadan to the Syndicate and ask him to publish an official statement to clarify the truth. (See the entry)

In his first comment, Ramadan used a Quranic verse: “You have your religion and I have one.” (the details)

Then he posted a new photo of him with Israeli soccer player Dia Sabaa. (Watch it)

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