An urgent decision from the Minister of Education regarding “Corona injuries” in schools


Student Minister of Education And technical education, d. Tariq Shawky Anyone who has confirmed information about injuries in his school or his son’s school, let him submit a report on the e-government portal and an urgent investigation committee from health and education will arrive to follow up the complaint and study it immediately.

And he had confirmed Minister of Education And technical education, d. Tariq Shawky that the decision to suspend studies is a state decision, not the Ministry of Education.

The Minister of Education said that the state has no plan to cancel the current school year.

The Minister of Education added that the academic year 2020/2021 will be completed with Corona or without Corona, stressing that it is not in the interest of students to close the school because there will be stress on students.

Shawky explained that the ministry has prepared the equipment to complete the school year under any circumstances, and educational channels and electronic platforms have been prepared to help students for distance education.

And the Ministry of Education and Technical Education announced alternatives to school education in light of the spread of the Corona virus and the reduction of days in schools or in the event of stopping the study, as it confirmed that the educational channels will be a basic partner in explaining all the lessons of the curricula scheduled for all grades.

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