Anger in Iran after a woman set herself on fire (video)


A video circulating about the removal of the Iranian municipality of Bandar Abbas, a room from which a woman had taken shelter for her family, sparked widespread anger in the country.

The video shows workers from the aforementioned municipality demolishing the walls of the room under the pretext that it was built illegally, while the owner of the house tried to deter them by throwing stones at them and hitting them with a stick.

After the room was removed, the woman set herself on fire, resulting in severe burns.

The University of Medical Sciences in Bandar Abbas stated that the woman suffered burns by 18 percent, while activists said that she died of her burns.

Ismail Mouhadi Nejad, deputy governor of the city, said that the room was built on government land and on the river bank, which poses a danger to its residents, and that warnings were given to the concerned family to evacuate it.

He added that the family will be given free land on which to build a house, in cooperation with the Ministry of Housing.

Source: RT

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