Anwar: Zamalek fans have accepted the results of the Corona swab


Hamada Anwar, a member of the Board of Directors of the Zamalek Club, said that the masses accepted the results of the medical swab for the detection of the emerging corona virus (Covid-19) without problems after changing the responsible company.

The Football Association had announced that Zamalek trio Mahmoud Hamdi “Al-Wansh”, Abdullah Jumaa and Youssef Ibrahim “Obama” had been infected with the Corona virus.

The trio, as well as Al-Ahly trio Walid Suleiman, Aliou Diang and Saleh Jumaa, are absent for the same reason in the African Champions League final between Zamalek and Al-Ahly on November 27th.

“Pacheco is reviewing his accounts after Corona injuries, the trio is of the basic strength, there are no symptoms and they are in good condition, but they are out of the match, the trio was supposed to participate mainly in front of Al-Ahly,” he said in statements to the “Tala fans” program through “On Time Sports 2”.

He continued, “We learned that a company affiliated with Muhammad Kamel is responsible for medical swabs, and because of the concern of the Zamalek fans for being the patron of Al-Ahly, we requested the change of the company and our request was met, and the change happened to Al-Ahly as well.”

“Therefore, there is an acceptance of the results of the swabs without any problems. What if the same swabs appeared with the other company? Of course, problems would have occurred.”

He concluded, “Zamalek is the most affected after Coronas injuries, Diang is a great force for Al-Ahly, but Walid Suleiman is a substitute, Saleh Jumaa, and therefore only Diang will be missed by Al-Ahly, with my respect to Hamdi Fathy, but in Zamalek we lost a key trio and we do not have an left defender.”


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