Apple bribery scandal after “firearms” incident


The source stated that Thomas Muir is accused of providing bribes in the form of 200 “iPad” devices, valued at $ 70,000, to two police officers in the state CaliforniaLast year, to obtain licenses to carry concealed firearms.

County Prosecutor’s Office said Santa Clara A grand jury indicted the 50-year-old, and the two officers, on Monday.

He added that “the two police officers refused to issue licenses for concealed weapons to Apple until Muir agreed to grant the devices to the police office.”

Muir’s attorney, Ed Swanson, said his client is innocent, the company said.CamelIt conducted its own investigations and found no wrongdoing.

And it was Muir applied for permits to carry firearms to some security personnel at “Apple” in order to protect senior officials, after the shooting incident that occurred in 2018 at the headquarters of the “YouTube” company in Silicon Valley.

“The process went the way it was supposed to happen,” Swanson said, adding that the iPads “were not linked to licenses. There was no bribery, no barter.”

It is noteworthy that if proven guilty Muir and the two police officers, they will all face a prison sentence.

Under California law, it is illegal to carry concealed firearms without a permit.

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