Ashraf Zaki on Nashwa Mustafas health: Her condition is stable, and I communicate with her son daily


Dr. Ashraf Zaki, the head of the representative professions, confirmed that the condition of the actress Nashwa Mustafa is stable so far and that she is still under the care, pointing out that he communicates on a daily basis with her son to check on her, as she receives the medical service to the fullest, and there were rumors that spread about the death of Nashwa Mustafa after She was infected with the Corona virus several days ago and her health deteriorated, which led to her transfer to a hospital in the Agouza area, and these rumors angered the Theatrical Professions Syndicate and all fans of the artist Nashwa Mustafa.

It is noteworthy that Nashwa Mustafa announced that she had been infected with the Coronavirus in recent days, after she confirmed the infection, as she thought that she had been exposed to a simple health cake due to a “cold turn”, and the artist took fever reducers and things were going normally, but things became more difficult for her over time as she felt pain It is not tolerated by humans in the entire body and her chest, and from here she discovered that she was infected with the Corona virus.


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