“Astronomical research” reveals new secrets about Comet Atlas and its approach to Earth


Dr. Gad El-Qady, head of the National Institute for Astronomical Research, said that the Atlas comet is at the closest distance to the solar system and the Earth and can be seen with the naked eye in the morning, from the first yesterday until November 20.

The judge added during remarks via the application zoomOn the program “Good Morning Egypt,” via Channel One, the Egyptian Satellite Channel, andonWhich is provided by the media, Hadeer Abu Zaid, is that it is at least 15 million km away from the Earth, and that it is 6 times farther from the Earth than the distance between the Earth and the Moon, and therefore this distance is safe.

He continued: “The path of the comet has been determined, and it will be close to the Jabbar group over the course of tomorrow, Thursday, and the day after tomorrow, Friday, as it left the solar system beginning on October 22 and began close to the group of the Orion, and therefore its vision is clear to the naked eye immediately after the dawn period.”

And Abizaid: “There is no danger to this comet, and there is no celestial body colliding with another, and when meteors fall on the earth, they do not cause any damage because they burn as soon as they penetrate the atmosphere.”


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