Attorney General: I personally saw phrases being deleted quickly from communication sites, fearing that they would be picked up by the monitoring unit photo


Attorney General, Counselor, Hamada Al-Sawy, said, “I personally saw phrases that were written on social media and then deleted quickly, lest they be picked up by the“ statement management ”and the“ monitoring unit, ”whose goal was to establish prompt justice, and to give society the right to live in an environment suitable for His morals, values ​​and principles. “

This came during the Public Prosecutor’s speech to the members of the Public Prosecution Office of the Alexandria Appeals Prosecution Department, and to all other members nationwide.He also sent several public messages, the text of which was as follows:

I tell you from the heart: I am very happy at the level that the “Public Prosecution” has attained in the current period, and my happiness will be greater in the coming period if each of us comprehends the size of the message that God wanted us all to fulfill, and it is a message that is heavier, but what is the heaviest. Who performed best. ”

And he said, “You all heard at the beginning of our conversation the noble verse instructing us to rule with justice among people, and judging with justice among people is not for a judge on the bench only, does not your behavior in the record of a correct behavior give every person the right to a high level of verdict? Is not your behavior in the record of possession of the one who was expelled from its home and waiting for a quick decision to return to it is a judgment of justice? Her performance “.

He continued, “I invite everyone to work out his feelings and ask himself: What if I were in the place of the victim? What if he was close to you, brother or sister, father or mother? How would you feel and behave if the feelings of truth and justice were delayed? We all need to do it. And to live and feel the cases of the victims, that is the accomplished justice. ”

He said, “Performed justice is achieved when we act quickly in a case and present the accused to a speedy criminal trial, so that society feels the rule of law and completed justice, and this is the goal of the“ prosecution ”work.

And he added, “You followed the social media sites and the reactions of some on them after the” public prosecution “took over the investigation into crimes committed during it. I saw myself quickly written statements that were removed from the fear that the” attorney general “would be picked up by an administration that was established in the office; The monitoring »in it, and this response that we have made, we did not intend from it but complete justice, justice in giving society its right to live in an environment that suits its morals, values ​​and principles,
Each of us has to manage ourselves well, and the matter is not difficult. If you are characterized by the judicial features and you are keen on the values ​​and ethics of the judiciary, you will survive by yourself and become future leaders who deserve leadership.

“I see in each of your attendees the person of the Attorney General in the future. All I ask is that you understand the size of your message and be good at managing yourselves, because the size of the message is supreme.

He ended his statement by saying: “Our country deserves to be the“ Public Prosecution ”in the manner that society hopes for it.

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