Bahaa Sultan after memorizing the Qur’an and chanting taswah and supplications: “I have remained a committed person.”


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The singer Bahaa expressed his happiness for completing the memorization of the Noble Qur’an and singing the invocations and tawasheh, which were greatly admired by his fans and followers.

Sultan Bahaa Sultan wrote on his Facebook page, saying: “I thank the great Creator who helped me and explained my heart to memorize the Qur’an. At all levels and aspects of life, and provide me with positive energy, which motivates me to be a committed, benevolent person, who takes care and accepts the other ».

Bahaa Sultan added: “Many grace and success from God is that he provided me with the love of my fans, who encouraged me and stood beside me since the beginning of my artistic career and continues to support me in all stages of my artistic life .. I promise you, my fans and my loved ones, to move forward in the march of high art and the music that you entrusted to me with what befits me and you.” .

Under the title “Third,” Bahaa wrote: “I would like to thank Dr. Ahmed Karima and the head of the Readers Syndicate, Muhammad Hashad. He was totally disgraced about health .. Therefore, I must make it clear that I have never asked to join the Association of Holy Qur’an Readers, even though it is a great honor for me and an honor that the youngster aspires to before the old .. Everyone who knows me knows that I am simpler than this, and I wanted to share with my audience a part of my life. ». I consider it a right for them to hear their beloved artist share with them invitations, religious explanations and some of the verses of the Holy Qur’an that I read on social media.

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