Bahaa Sultan explains the fact that the Syndicate of “Quran Reciters” refused to accept his membership


The artist, Bahaa Sultan, responded to what was circulated about the Qur’an Readers ’Syndicate’s refusal to accept his joining its membership and denied that news and said that he had not applied from the ground up to join it.

Bahaa Sultan denies the refusal of the Quran Reciters Syndicate to join its membership:

Where the artist Bahaa Sultan published a statement on his personal and official page on the social networking site Facebook, and wrote my dear audience, who is close to my heart. First, I thank the great creator who helped me and explained my heart to memorize the Qur’an.

The book added the clear and the best of the hadith that carries the light of hearts, minds and souls between the hearts of the young and wishes to be preserved by the young before the great because of his great virtue, which transmits happiness, satisfaction and honesty at all levels and aspects of life and provides me with positive energy, which prompts me to be a committed, benevolent person who takes care and accepts the other.

He continued his words and said very much grace and success from God that he provided me with the love of my fans who encouraged me and stood by me since the beginning of my artistic career and still supports me in all stages of my artistic life and I promise my fans and my loved ones to go ahead in the march of high art and the music that you entrusted to me with what befits me and you.

He said I would like to thank Dr. Ahmed, his son, and the Reciters Syndicate, Muhammad Hashad, and he explained the confusion that occurred as some journalists took their words unnecessarily and told people that they were preventing me from entering the Syndicate, and this is what I deny categorically and categorically and completely disgraceful of health.

He concluded his speech and said everyone who knows me knows that I am simpler than this and that I would like to share with my fans a part of my private life, which I consider a right of their rights to hear their beloved artist, to share their invocations, religious interpretations, and some of the verses of the Holy Qur’an.

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