Basma Bousil separates from Tamer Hosni: “I followed his pictures with daughters … we are preparing divorce papers.”


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Moroccan Basma Bousil caused a big surprise by her separation from Tamer Hosni, after a marriage that lasted 8 years and resulted in three children.

Bossil wrote, through her Instagram account: “To all the people who follow me pictures and videos of Tamer, and I see that he does not respect me, whether in pictures or videos.

She added, “I would also like to know you, that we said for a separate period and that we are preparing the divorce papers.”

And she continued: “If you would allow, respect the feelings of everyone in us, and at least be heroic, I would follow me for any need .. with success for all.”

It is noteworthy that Tamer and Basma got married in 2012 after a love story, and this marriage resulted in three children, “Talia, Amaya and Adam.”

Basma appeared recently with Tamer while celebrating the release of one of his songs.

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