Basma Bousil: They are jealous of me and I am busy dye!


Moroccan fashionista Basma_Bousil responded to those who are jealous of her, sending them a message that she does not care about your comments, and is busy only changing the color of her hair and looks.

Basma posted a picture of her, in which she appears in different hair colors and commented:

(People talk about me and people are jealous of me, and I am confused, I make my hair black and not blond or brown).

The Moroccan fascist, Basma_Bousil, surprised everyone by announcing her separation from her husband, the Egyptian star, Tamer_Hosni.

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And she wrote through the story feature: (To all the people who followed me pictures and videos of Tamer, and I see that he does not respect me, whether in pictures or videos, I wish you would stop doing anything because I did not leave any pictures).

And she continued: (I would love to know you if we said for a separate period and prepare the divorce papers, I wish you would respect the feelings of each one of us and at least annul any need followed me … with success)

The dispute that almost separated Egyptian star Tamer_Hosni from his wife Basma Bousil ended after he publicly blamed her and described her behavior as reckless.

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Basma Bousil: They are jealous of me and I am busy dye!
Photo published by Basma


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