Basma Wahba publishes her photo with Ahmed Saad and his fiancee: We wait when we see the spleen, what will it get | news


Journalist Basma Wahba published a photo that Ahmed Saad and his fiancee Alia Bassiouni collected through her Instagram account.

Despite the deletion of the photos and the cancellation of the follow-up … Ahmed Saad denies his separation from his fiancee

Basma commented on the photo, “Oh you see, will you be in a new sheikh? You see, this meeting is an agreement on his throat! We do not wait when we see Ahmed’s fiance, what will happen in the spleen.”

Recently, rumors surfaced about the couple’s separation after they deleted their pictures together and unfollowed each other.

For his part, Saad denied, in statements to the ET Arabic program, what was circulated about his separation and the existence of differences between them, explaining that they deleted the pictures because they decided that their lives would be their own and not available to everyone.

Saad continued: “Thank you to all the people who are reassuring about me, but I want to say that I have no need for me and I have butter on honey and jelly, but we decided that we live our lives in a very special way. It is not very common, because in very big problems among people it is arrogant, and we You see what will happen in this world

It is noteworthy that Ahmed Saad celebrated his engagement to fashion coordinator Alia Bassiouni on August 20.

It is noteworthy that Hani Shaker and Ahmed Saad have recently finished recording the song “Ya Bakhteh” in one of the Dokki Studios.

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