Beauty and originality .. Uncle Harith talks to Nada Bassiouni about the meeting of the century


Nada Bassiouni, through the “Haja Helwa” program that is broadcast on Al-Nahar channel, hosted the uncle of Harith, who is the agent of the football team at Al-Ahly Club. During his meeting, he called all the fans before the African Champions League final match between Al-Ahly and Zamalek.

Uncle Harith and Nada Bassiouni about the match between Al-Ahly and Zamalek:

Where he told them that the stirring of the mosses between the fans and the boards of directors of the two clubs, he said that winning is the share of those who play better, and that loss is possible for any team in the whole world, and even Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​each of whom gets their share of the loss.

But sports and football are ethics in the first place, and Harith’s uncle said that he was a contemporary of the golden generation of football in Al-Ahly Club, including Muhammad Barakat, Imad Mutab, Wael Jumaa, Muhammad Omara, Yasser Radwan and Captain Mahmoud Al-Khatib because of their good manners.

As for the players distinguished by their joking with their colleagues, Harith’s uncle said that the player Saad Samir is a very comic player and loves to laugh and may organize a joke for any player and added that one of the humanitarian situations that he remembers is handing the players over to each other before matches.

Muhammad al-Khatib, for example, would take Captain Hassan Shehata and go with him to the crowd to salute together, thus preventing fanaticism in the stands and stirring things up well.


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