“Behind every great woman is a great wound” .. Is Yasmine Sabry facing a crisis?


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“Behind every great woman is a great wound”, words that artist Yasmine Sabry shared with her audience, borrowing them from a writer called “Dalia Fikry”, as she was holding the book in her hands and then took a picture of the page of that book, which bears the name “Talia and Rafiq”, and in End of paper recorded by the author’s name.

The phrases in the book included: “Behind every great woman is a great wound that made her stronger than it was, and whenever the wound was deep, the steps were more rapid towards the future. And the final sentence on the page came: “You can be sure that you are leading your soul. Only then will you find the way, not lost or distracted.”

It is noteworthy that the artist appeared, two days ago, with Mrs. Nemat Abdel Hamid, who was known in the media as “The Lady of the Rain”, as she hosted her in her home, to fulfill her promise to her, and said about her through “Instagram” after publishing their photo together, saying: “Al Hajjah Nemat Nurtni today Home, we drank tea with each other and talked about many needs .. Six patient and struggling .. God hands her health and longevity ».

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  • Injuries
  • Recovered
  • Mortality


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