British astronomers: Part of the moon coincides with Mars


British astronomers from the British Armagh laboratory, in cooperation with their Bulgarian, Italian and American colleagues, found a space object flying in the orbit of Mars, and astronomers said that a piece of stones with a diameter of one kilometer chasing Mars. This asteroid, called 1998 VF31, was discovered in 1998 by astronomers in the “Lincoln” laboratory to search for asteroids near Earth.

The asteroid in question belongs to the family of Trojan asteroids, which usually accompany a planet and orbit with it around the sun in one orbit, and the 1998 VF31 asteroid is located at the L5 Grange point of gravity and separates it from Mars at an angle of 60 degrees, according to Russia Today.

Astronomers observed this asteroid with the VLT telescope of the Southern European Laboratory located in Chile that was fitted with an X-SHOOTER spectrometer. The telescope recorded the spectrum of rays reflected from it.

And it turned out later that this spectrum matches the spectrum of rays reflected from the lunar rocks. Astronomers came to the conclusion that the asteroid in question was once part of the moon.


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