British experts: The “Sputnik V” vaccine has proven effective compared to other vaccines


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British experts: a vaccine


British experts in the field of virology confirmed the efficacy of the Russian vaccine “Sputnik V”, and explained that the results of the experiments have proven its effectiveness, as is the case with other vaccines that have been announced.

In an interview with the “CBC” network, the professor of epidemiology, Stephen Evans, said, “The data and results confirm that the (Russian) vaccine is effective enough, and it is consistent with what we see in other vaccines.”

Evans explained that the effectiveness of the “Sputnik V” vaccine and other vaccines “is an important message to health scientists around the world, confirming the ability to combat these viruses through vaccines.”

In the same context, a professor specializing in virology at the University of “Reading” in Britain, Ian Jones, said: “I do not see any reason to doubt these (results) … It can be said that the results of (Subotnik V) initial tests caused confusion, but I I think that this is not because it had no basis in truth, but only because it was launched a little early. Certainly, this vaccine will be a useful vaccine. ”

The results of the tests and experiments that were conducted on the Russian vaccine “Sputnik V” showed its effectiveness by 91.4% on the 28th day after the first injection, and exceeding 95% on the 42nd day.

Source: Novosti

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