Bruce Lee … the Chinese who broke Hollywood’s prestige


“Be like water, my friend.” This is the most famous phrase of the Chinese martial art icon. The myth that the Chinese and its fans all over the world were angry with when Johnny Walker’s ad used it in his propaganda in 2013, considering that the philosopher of “Jeet Kune Do” or “intercepting fist” – the hybrid martial art that Bruce Lee devised in 1967 from the traditional school of Kung Fu – And the most famous athlete in the modern era, he was not a fan of alcohol, in order to throw it through the graphics technique for the purpose of marketing.Eighty years since the birth of this extraordinary personality. The most charming and influential star in the world of cinema, especially action films. Every year, his memory passes to bring back public questions from all over the world about his death. No one accepted the death of Bruce Lee (1940-1973) at the time. Bruce Lee introduced a different concept of fighting games. Without makeup, he managed to make the Hollywood production lean and fake with millions of dollars. He used only the “nunchaku”, the peasant weapon that he used in most of his films. He confronted the Japanese with him in the movie “A Fist of Anger.” He was sincere about his violence towards Chinese agents, as well as towards his country’s old colonialists. The conflict in East Asia may have its own reading. But those who know the American mind in the movie industry, specifically in the days of President Nixon (the Vietnam War was present at that era), realize the harsh battle scene between him and Chuck Norris in the movie “Dragon Road” that Lee produced and directed in 1972. The film grossed $ 130 million, which can be multiplied by five times compared to today. Back then, the Cold War was in its heyday, Bruce Lee’s rise between the 1967 and 1973 wars.

It was not uncommon for an unarmed Chinese actor, dressed as a Chinese public, to break the bones of an American martial arts hero, one greatness after another, in a scene that remained stuck in the minds and eyes of all who witnessed him. Bruce Lee’s voice with his loud notes, in tune with the voice of the cat who watched the fight, still heard everyone who watched the shot. Let us be reasonable and objective in our analysis, the American at the time is not envious. It became almost impossible to hide his Asian face, as they deliberately used in the series “The Green Hornet” in 1967 by wearing a mask and a hat. The slowness and humor of the “cowboys” is evident by comparison. They were not helped by Sean Connery’s elegance, his car as James Bond in 1971, and the charisma of Steve McQueen in 1973. It was not possible to hold back Bruce Lee. Warner Bros. made its decision quickly and boldly. The consequences could be paid for by contracting Bruce Lee. And it’s better than watching Hollywood stars drop in front of his box office. The company produced the movie “Entering the Dragon”. The film was inlaid with American stars such as John Saxon and Jim Klee. The main concern of Warner Bros was to put Bruce Lee’s name under her cloak, leaving him with most of the film’s philosophy in terms of movement, action, coordination and drawing of combat movements. The company got what it wanted after the film raised more than 350 million dollars .. Bruce Lee died after filming ended, and it is said that he had not seen the completed version of the film.
At the time, Hollywood had turned to and hired young directors. Spielberg, Scorsese, Coppola, De Palma, Bogdanovich and others appeared … It was necessary to search for new novels, directing formats and new types of action films, so JAWS appeared, Jaws, The Godfather, and Star Wars. The “fate” of Hollywood in 1973 was the joint. The owner of the “one-inch punch” theory died. The “live Chinese dragon” is gone, letting the curse of analysis follow the beneficiaries of his death. “American Hollywood” stood in his mourning as if he were its righteous son. His pictures hung in the homes of elites as well as the poor. Pictures of many international actors have been removed from the rooms of young women and men and replaced by his famous image with scratches on his face, chest, and sharp gaze, and his picture with his famous yellow pajamas, which Tarantino later wore to Emma Therman in Kill Bill in 2003. The American was embarrassed when the mysteries of Bruce Lee’s death followed him and still remain. . The story of bleeding in the brain through media leakage did not convince the authors of the story themselves, which made the story of the curse that haunts his family to appear in his autobiography “Dragon” in 1993, the same year in which Brandon Lee, Bruce’s son, died with a gunshot while filming the second part of the movie “the crow”.
Several stars died under mysterious circumstances. James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, Tupac Shakur, Bob Marley … and Heath Ledger. However, the death of none of them had the same effect as the absence of “the dragon” Bruce Lee, as the Times magazine ranked him among the 100 most important people of the twentieth century.

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