Burger King urges people to order from McDonald’s .. What is going on?


London, UK (CNN) – The fast-food chain Burger King took an unprecedented step on Monday, inviting customers to order from McDonald’s and several other competing restaurants.

The company’s arm in the United Kingdom published a tweet for a statement asking customers to support local fast food outlets during the Coronavirus pandemic, whether it was Burger King or other restaurants.

The tweet that mentioned a number of restaurants such as “Chicken Kentucky”, “Subway” and “Dominos Pizza”: “We never thought we would have asked you to do this, but restaurants that employ thousands of employees really need your support at the moment.” If you want help, keep eating delicious meals through delivery, ready-made or car orders. ”

The Burger King statement also referred to Pizza Hut, Five Guys, Taco Bell and Papa John’s restaurants, as well as some independent food outlets.

“Buying a whopper is always the best decision, but buying a Big Mac is not a bad thing either,” the statement wrote at the conclusion.

The UK’s hospitality industry has been hit hard by the pandemic, and new restrictions set to come into effect in the kingdom on Thursday are likely to exacerbate matters, with all restaurants shutting down except for fast food or delivery restaurants.

While in the UK, BURGER KING® has relied on promotion through an element of solidarity with the wider food industry sector, the company’s North American operations have taken a more confrontational approach to promotion, with the restaurant chain announcing a free whopper sandwich to customers who drive near one. The scariest place on earth, “which defined it as 5 closed restaurants that were previously run by rivals such as McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Sonic or Jack in the Box.

As part of the Halloween promotion, Burger King customers who are within 300 feet of one of these abandoned locations can confirm their location on the restaurant app to receive a free whopper sandwich voucher.


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